[PC-BSD Public] Laptop for PCBSD

Sam Lin semin2006 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 20:36:17 PDT 2014

Hi Kris and all other that have replied to my question,

Thanks everyone for sharing their opinions/experience on the laptops for 

The reason why I thought I would go with T540p rather than T530 (or 
other older models) was mainly because T540p is a relatively new model 
and most importantly T540p has a numeric keypad. However as I myself and 
many of you have been concerned there are quite a few uncertainty namely 
the compatibility (particularly the graphics/bios/optimus etc), I think 
for now my safest option would be go get a T530 from eBay rather than a 
T540p as T series are quite costly and I really don't want to spend the 
money for T540p and found that it being unsatisfactory for my use. As 
for numeric keypad a workaround would be using an external usb/wireless 
numeric keypad with T530 (I should have thought of that...).

Would any usb and/or wireless numeric keypad compatible with PCBSD? Or 
is there anything I need to be aware of regarding using numeric keypad 

Also this is just out of my interest. I believe those of you who do a 
lot of programming/system development etc need to type a lot of numbers, 
and it's hard for me to believe that the row of numeric keys on top of 
your keyboard would be efficient/sufficient for you to type numbers. So 
if you use PCBSD laptop do you also use numeric keypad or just use the 
row of numeric keys to type numbers?  If you do use external/additional 
numeric keypad do you have any recommended brand/model? Any why (e.g. 
angle, finger motion, etc)


On 4/04/2014 8:42 a.m., Kris Moore wrote:
> On 03/28/2014 08:58, Sam Lin wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Have any of you guys any experience with Lenovo T540p? I see the T530
>> that is listed on PCBSD store and T540p are both T5xx series but have
>> quite a different spec, and I'm not sure whether PCBSD would work
>> right on T540p? I'm asking this because T530 appears to be no longer
>> available on the market here in my country. But the main reason why I
>> am not opting for T530 is that I am a biological scientist and need to
>> enter a lot of numerical data, and unfortunately T530 does not have
>> numerical keypad which will make my work a lot harder and inefficient.
>> Josh from PCBSD Store told me that he "doesn't personally have any
>> experience with the T540 laptop and there's precious little
>> information on it's compatibility with FreeBSD / PC-BSD," and that he
>> "doubts much has changed chipset wise since it's in the same series as
>> T520's and T530's which have great results including a handful at IX
>> Systems". However since he (or someone else) doesn't have experience
>> with T540p this is quite a gamble to me (T540p is quite expensive).
>> So what I would like to know is do any one here have any experience
>> with T540? Or if I list up the specification for both T530 and T540
>> that are obtained from Lenovo website, will it be possible for you to
>> evaluate the compatibility with FreeBSD / PC-BSD from the two models'
>> difference?
>> Any input would be appreciated.
>> Regards,
>> Sam
>> _______________________________________________
> Sam,
> I have a T520, and I know of those with T530's. The T540 looks similar,
> but it doesn't look like it includes an nvidia card, which I use in
> discrete mode here. The integrated intel chipset "should" work, but you
> know how that goes. However the track records with Lenovos have been
> good so far, so it does have that going in its favor :)

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