[PC-BSD Public] XFCE-4.8 on PC-BSD desktop

Gour gour at atmarama.net
Mon Jan 24 00:00:15 PST 2011

On Mon, 24 Jan 2011 01:48:53 +0100
Christian Baer wrote:

> This is partly due to personal interest, partly because it could help
> with the advice: Why are you considering a switch? Is there something
> not ok with your old OS or something particulary good about PC-BSD
> that got your attention or meets your needs?

I like the BSD concept that OS is one whole and not just
kernel. Moreover, jails is also very nice thing. On the top of that I
really like PBI idea which resemble "Nix is a purely functional
package manager. This means that it can ensure that an upgrade to one
package cannot break others, that you can always roll back to previous
version, that multiple versions of a package can coexist on the same
system, and much more.package manager (see NixOS http://nixos.org/).

Iow, I'd like to be able to spend more time with my computer doing
things than doing admin work and/or fixing broken OS.

Considering the above reason I (somehow) believe it is possible to
achieve it with (PC)BSD.

> If you are setting up a PC-BSD computer for others to use (especially
> if they are not experienced), then let them have KDE. 


Well, most of those people are already running either GNOME or XFCE so
KDE is excluded since I do not like it and helping them with desktop
issues would mean that I'd have to have KDE desktop installed
(e.g. under vbox) to find my way.

> You can see this very dramatically
> with Ubuntu. While the standard GNOME desktop works find, the XFCE is
> rather slacker and KDE borderlines on being unusable. 

You mean even with KUubntu & XUbuntu? 

I did not use them long enough to say so...

> If you are experienced, working around the missing bits is work but
> relatively trivial. For a beginner, that task can be more than
> daunting.

I hope that by using Linux since '99 should be long-enough to tweak

> PC-BSD comes with KDE by default and although I know that GNOME works
> and people use it, it just lacks the goodies you get with KDE. 

In 9.0 there are options for other DEs, and I hope the non-KDE
experience will improve.

> If you really want to use GNOME, you might give Ubuntu, Debian or Red Hat a
> closer look.

I'm happy with XFCE on Archlinux and, believe it or not, Archlinux
provides the same experience with GNOME & LXDE (which I personally
used), while my KDE friend was thrilled with KDE experience.

So, I believe it's possible to have 'OS' with decent support for
different desktops and re-writing KDE-tools in PCBSD to Qt4 apps is
the step in right direction, imho. *thumbs up*

So, KDE is eliminated here purely on "I don't like it" reason, and the
question is not whether XFCE works on PCBSD - it works on 9.0, but I'm
interested about the technical reasons whether 4.9 can be ported
considering that XFCE does not use HAL any longer but bases device
handling on UDEV which is not 'ported' to BSD?



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