[PC-BSD Public] XFCE-4.8 on PC-BSD desktop

Gour gour at atmarama.net
Sat Jan 22 00:24:20 PST 2011


I'm strongly considering to switch to PC-BSD from Archlinux and I'm
targetting 9.0 release in order to become familiar enough with the OS
(it would be first change of OS after '99).

There is one concern in regard to desktop environments: I can use
GNOME (although I'm not thrilled with 3.0 novelties), used plain
Xmonad, like LXDE, do not like KDE and now using XFCE (4.8) which I
like the most. It's enough user-friendly for other members of my
family to use it, not bloated etc.

I saw that xyzBSD is no longer 1st class citizen in the XFCE arena
(dropping HAL), read few threads in the xfce & freebsd forums and
wonder what is the future of XFCE in xyzBSD? Any solution on horizon
for the missing functionality?

I can find some workarounds to mount USB sticks etc., but I'm
mostly concerned about less savvy users using my desktop or those
users which machines I maintain (and would probably put PC-BSD there
instead of Ubuntu) if one can count on fully-functional XFCE on PC-BSD
desktop in the future?



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