[PC-BSD Public] AppCafe naming concern (Re: [PC-BSD Testing] 9-CURRENT 20110225 snapshot online)

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Sun Feb 27 02:28:51 PST 2011

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> Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 10:44:16 -0500
> From: Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org>
> To: "testing at lists.pcbsd.org" <testing at lists.pcbsd.org>
> Subject: [PC-BSD Testing] 9-CURRENT 20110225 snapshot online
> In regard to the Software Browser, it has now been renamed the
> "AppCafe", and it should be functional for browsing / installing some of
> the PBIs we've uploaded for testing, such as firefox, thunderbird,
> openoffice, etc.
> - --
>  Kris Moore

I agree that "AppCafe" is a good name. However by calling "App-something" I
am also very concerned about Apple - they tend to claim anything starting
with those key-words like "App" or "i" except their own products are
damaging their brand/trademark/image or infringe their patent. One of the
most recent examples is the fight for trademark "AppStore" against Microsoft
(For instance,

I cannot help worrying - what if Apple files a complaint against the PCBSD
project? Will the PCBSD project be able to, or have any resource to, defeat
the giant in any patent lawsuit?

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