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Alexander Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Sun Oct 31 23:03:21 PDT 2010

01.11.2010 2:16, Ralph Ellis пишет:
> Christian Baer wrote:
>> Hey there peeps! :-)
>> After a few years with my old machine, I've decided that it's time for a
>> new one now, which will be my work and play station. I intend to buy and
>> build it some time next month (November). I am hoping to get a few ideas
>> from you guys about what hardware would be a good idea.
>> As you can imagine, I plan to use PC-BSD on this machine. I have used
>> FreeBSD for more than 10 years now, just never for desktop purposes. It
>> worked for me for about a year with X installed with the ports. Keeping
>> the system up to date and running functionally at the same time is just
>> a pain, though. It was fun to set up, no question about that, just like
>> Slackware was fun. But once the setting up isn't your primary work, too
>> much maintenance gets in your way. PC-BSD is pretty much what I have
>> been looking for all these years. Now I want to set up my first machine,
>> optimised for PC-BSD.
>> I'll just go through the components where I'd like a little feed-back -
>> also considering the usage and price. What I am going for is the best
>> possible support for PC-BSD.
>> Usage/price
>> My machine will be used for just about anything where a computer is
>> useful - and a few things beside that. :-) Most of my time I spend
>> working at my computer. I do a lot of writing (mostly TeX) and some
>> programming. Currently I am looking into Ruby. I also like to play a
>> bit. Usually I am a fan of strategy games (Warcraft 3, Starscraft 2
>> etc.) but I also enjoy 1st person shooters from time to time - if they
>> have a story that keeps me interested. Basicly, any dumb computer can do
>> the first things I wrote down, so I have to adapt my computer hardware
>> for gaming. I don't intend to make a real gaming computer here since I
>> rarely spend more that 4 hours on computer games a week.
>> In terms of pricing, I was thinking of something between 1000 and 1500
>> Euros.
I really hope this price - is with large, great 26+" Display :)

>> CPU
>> I am 99% sure, I will get an AMD CPU, something like a 1075T or 1090T. I
>> use disc-encryption, so the additional cores actually do something for
>> me. A similar CPU from Intel costs about four times as much and somehow,
>> I cannot get myself to pay 800 Euros just for the CPU. Or have I missed
>> something here? Does it make a diff to FreeBSD if I use an Intel or 
There's no difference between AMD/Intel for home PC. Except for price :)
I have few servers based on AMD, and all my desktops is.
I had problems with Mobo/bioses, but never with Processors;
However, I have problem with intel processor and fan control at laptop.
>> Mainboard (Mobo)
>> The CPU kinda narrows the choices down a bit. Any suggestions for a
>> chipset? Is there some Mobo out there with evil components that are not
>> supported?
Look for any chipset which provide you enough memory speed. You can 
build PC with AMD chipset :)
>> Graphics card
>> On my current machine, X just sucks because of my graphics card (AMD
>> X1950). The missing 3D acceleration (which also means no Compiz) isn't
>> pretty, but when surfing the web or scrolling around in the browser or
>> other viewers is sluggish, it just stinks. So this time I want some
>> graphics card that really rocks under X, while not missing out on good
>> gaming qualities. This is actually the main reason for this post. I know
>> that both AMD and nVidia Chips are basicly supported (with both open
>> source drivers and drives from AMD and nVidia) but how good are the
>> drivers really and what functions do they bring along? My current card
>> worked well with a driver from AMD until the X-server went on a version
>> number. After that I had to make do with the open source driver which
>> had/has the problems I mentioned.
>> Has anyone got any good advice on this?

I'd like to hear other guy's experiences too :)

>> Sound card
>> I'm not really sure if I want to actually buy one. The main motivation I
>> have is that I wear headphones a lot and some cards (like Creative's)
>> can create a pretty good surround impression using a headphone. But it
>> would have to be current and work with FreeBSD. Normally, the chipset
>> sound works for me.
Internal will work for you, pretty sure :)
>> Just about all the other components aren't a big deal. I'll be keeping
>> my HDs from my current machine (no SSD for me yet). I will also be
>> keeping my Model M! :-D
What? No big deal? :))
You are wrong - silent proc cooler and silent power adapter - this is 
things that will make your PC your friend :)
Make sure you aren't spending too little to this.
>> But the rest won't really be an issue in terms of drivers and such 
>> (IMHO).
>> If I have missed something, please give me a hint!
>> BTW. I know there is a list of supported hardware (actually, there are
>> several). However, finding out what hardware works completely and what
>> only works partially can be a challenge by itself. Finding out what the
>> flaws of partially supported hardware are can be a daunting task. I know
>> that from when I tried to get my current graphics board working under X
>> and was completely stumped as to why practically no acceleration worked.
>> So please bear with me here!
>> Maybe it would be a good idea to make a list of suggested hardware for
>> PC-BSD. That would be much more convenient than having to search through
>> several lists that don't answer the question "How well does it work?".
>> Best regards from Germany!
>> Chris
> Both of my computers are from Gateway and I have found that everything 
> in them was supported in PC-BSD. If you don't buy absolute cutting 
> edge, BSD will normally support everything in a typical desktop 
> computer. If you are not sure. take a PC-BSD disk with you to your 
> friendly computer store and ask them to allow you to boot it up in 
> live mode.
> That should help.

Also, write down PC specs, chipset, etc. And post it here, we'll give 
you more feedback probably.
> Good luck
> Ralph Ellis
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