[PC-BSD Public] Building a new computer

Christian Baer christian.baer at uni-dortmund.de
Mon Nov 1 16:36:04 PDT 2010

On 01.11.2010 07:03, Alexander Yerenkow wrote:

Mellow Greetings!

>>> In terms of pricing, I was thinking of something between 1000 and 1500
>>> Euros.
> I really hope this price - is with large, great 26+" Display :)

No, without. A 26" display that I'd want to have would cost nearly that
much alone. I currently have two 19" TFTs from NEC which still work
fine. I intend to replace them with something better, but if I do, the
new monitors would have 24 or 26", a VA or IPS panel (wide gamut) and
LED-backlight (preferably RGB). Basicly, that kind of monitor wouldn't
fit into the budget. :-)

>>> CPU
> There's no difference between AMD/Intel for home PC. Except for price :)
> I have few servers based on AMD, and all my desktops is.
> I had problems with Mobo/bioses, but never with Processors;
> However, I have problem with intel processor and fan control at laptop.

Well, this won't be a laptop, so I am not concerned. I can remember a
friend telling me that AMD was actually better than Intel when using
Linux or FreeBSD. This was during the time, when the AM64 was out, Intel
didn't really have anything like it (save the Itanium) and Windows XP
was still the system of choice from MS.

Usually when comparing the CPUs, nobody really looks at the FPU. Doesn't
that count anymore?

>>> Mainboard (Mobo)
> Look for any chipset which provide you enough memory speed. You can
> build PC with AMD chipset :)

The choices have pretty much gone nowadays. VIA and nVidia don't make
chipsets anymore. So you are pretty much stuck with a chipset of the CPU

>>> Graphics card
> I'd like to hear other guy's experiences too :)

So we are two already. One more and we can open a club. :-D

>>> Sound card
> Internal will work for you, pretty sure :)

And it's cheaper. :-)

>>> Just about all the other components aren't a big deal. I'll be keeping
>>> my HDs from my current machine (no SSD for me yet). I will also be
>>> keeping my Model M! :-D
> What? No big deal? :))
> You are wrong - silent proc cooler and silent power adapter - this is
> things that will make your PC your friend :)
> Make sure you aren't spending too little to this.

No big deal in terms of "working well with FreeBSD". I intend to build a
really quiet system and I have already had a look at several coolers and
power supplies. But they will work fine no matter what OS I use, so they
aren't really a topic on a PC-BSD mailing-list.

I just might have a problem connecting my Model M to a new mainboard,
because they often don't have any PS/2 connecters. But I'm not giving up
on it. I'll get an adapter. :-)

> Also, write down PC specs, chipset, etc. And post it here, we'll give
> you more feedback probably.

Well, I was hoping to get some suggestions from you (the list), what I
should buy because that runs well with PC-BSD installed. But I'll give
you an idea of the sort of thing I was planning...

CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1075T or 1090T
Mobo: something with AMD 880G or 890FX chipset
graphics card: something around a Redeon HD 5850 (or a similar nVidia

Other components (RAM, HD, power supply, optical drive etc.) should have
not compatibiliy issues with the OS, as they don't need any specific
drives (if any at all), so I won't write them down. I will however put
thoughts into them. :-)

I hope to get some ideas from you as to what I should buy exactly or if
I should take something different than what I am planning.

Best regards,

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