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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Mon Aug 2 06:22:35 PDT 2010

On 08/01/2010 20:17, xxxxxx wrote:
> hello...
> i have test pc-bsd the first time ,and my pc has an big problem with bsd
> system:
> cpu: amd phenom II 4x3ghz
> ram: 8gb
> graphik: nvidia gtx480
> harddisk: 2tb
> 4 partitions:
> 1st: win7x64
> 2nd: pc-bsd x64
> 3rd: backups
> 4th: empty
> in most time of pc-bsd install ,my screen was completly offline .. i 
> see nothing what bsd do
> after install ,restart... pc is dead ,no reactions (mouse ,keyboard 
> offline) ,after bios reset pc didnt start,restart: failed 
> ,shutdown/start: failed ,i cant use my pc after installation of pc-bsd 
> 8.1 !!!!
> i press my power button ,pc never shows up any reaction... 
> mouse/keybord offline and screen offline (no signal) ,after 3hours the 
> same when i boot the system.
> when my pc is damaged in any way ,then will follow legal steps...
> bsd is an complete fail!

Sorry to hear that your system is having some issues. From what you are 
saying, it sounds like you can't even power up to the BIOS screen, 
right? If that's the case it sounds like bad hardware to me, the 
software isn't going to prevent your bios from even "posting". Try a 
hard-reboot, and if it still fails you may want to take a look at your 
individual components. (That GTX480 is a huge power-hog, and I've seen 
plenty of burned out power-supplies when drawing too many amps, that 
would be the first place I would look.)

BTW, for you refence here is the BSD License:

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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