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Sun Aug 1 17:13:44 PDT 2010


i have test pc-bsd the first time ,and my pc has an big problem with bsd


cpu: amd phenom II 4x3ghz
ram: 8gb
graphik: nvidia gtx480
harddisk: 2tb

4 partitions:
1st: win7x64
2nd: pc-bsd x64
3rd: backups
4th: empty

in most time of pc-bsd install ,my screen was completly offline .. i see 
nothing what bsd do

after install ,restart... pc is dead ,no reactions (mouse ,keyboard 
offline) ,after bios reset pc didnt start,restart: failed 
,shutdown/start: failed ,i cant use my pc after installation of pc-bsd 
8.1 !!!!

i press my power button ,pc never shows up any reaction... mouse/keybord 
offline and screen offline (no signal) ,after 3hours the same when i 
boot the system.

when my pc is damaged in any way ,then will follow legal steps...

bsd is an complete fail!
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