[PC-BSD Public] some suggestions for PCBSD

wood_elf wood_elf at 126.com
Fri Apr 16 06:50:03 PDT 2010

Dear all,
    I am a Linux user for 2 years. And I come to use PCBSD recently. I like it because it makes BSD family easier to use for desktop users as me. But I also found some problems.
    1. I can not use my Caps Lock key on my keyboard, and I have tried to make my kernel, but this doesn't work. I have to use Shift to help type capitalized letters. It's really troublesome. I don't know why this problem appears.
   2. Every time I enter KDE, there's a note, it says there's some problem with my PowerDevil configuration or so. Some says it's a conflict with KDE4.3. I don't know the exact reason.
   3. Will you release some version with Gnome Desktop? I think Gnome has better compatibility with most of the software. And it's really simple and convenient.
    Finally, I like this distribution of BSD very much. I hope you can improve it better and better. And I will keep using it.
    Best regards.

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