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kris at pcbsd.org kris at pcbsd.org
Mon Nov 30 05:41:40 PST 2009

> hello,
> I just joined this group, after I installed PCBSd 7.1.1 on my 3 year-old
> Dell
> laptop.
> my desktop is Debian linux, but I'm used to using gnome desktop.
> I screwed up my desktop a little, and I'm not sure how to fix it. I
> removed
> the application launcher ( the little red flame thingie), and when I added
> it
> back, it showed up way over on the far right-hand side of the system tray.
> I'd rather it be back on the left, but I can't fiure out how to move it.

Its pretty easy to do. First, right-click on the desktop, and make sure
your widgets are "unlocked". Next, click the little color swirl that
appears on the right side of your taskbar / panel. When the edit panel
pops up, you should be able to rearrange your buttons just by dragging

> when I had linux installed on the laptop I could suspend/hibernate linux,
> but
> I don't see that option from the menus. Is it available?

Only for a few laptops out there, not all the ACPI stuff works in FreeBSD

> I see Freebsd 8.0 is out, but I don't see any info on the PCBSD site about
> beta releases/ISOs... but there is a testing group, so I assume there will
> be
> a new version related to Freebsd 8.0 sometime? maybe?

Were hard at work on it already :) Feel free to join that list, or watch
the homepage for a beta announcement in the future.

> I already setup Kontact, pulled in my addressbook from my desktop, and
> even
> added my RSS feeds.. I like the newer Kontact!
> --
> Paul Cartwright

Kris Moore

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