[PC-BSD Public] iwn(4) for 4965AGN on Lenovo T61 for PC-BSD?

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Mar 17 11:43:51 PST 2009

Sam Fourman Jr. wrote:
>> Jeremy,
>> I'm not sure, has 8-Current been updated to support that chipset yet? If
>> so, maybe we can get it MFC into 7-STABLE, which could be included in
>> PC-BSD 7.1
> Kris,
> it is working in 8-CURRENT I have been using it for *almost* a year
> now it was committed april 2008
> i use it on my notebook and it works GOOD, infact lack of a iwn driver
> is the ONLY reason i don't run PC-BSD on my notebook and opt for
> -CURRENT instead
> when I attended BSDCan last may Sam Leffler had a wireless talk he
> said it would be hard to "backport" it to 7.x
> due to the fact that iwn was written for vap witch exist only in 8.
> also Sam said that time did not permit a backport of vap to 7.x
> however I have seen a BUNCH of commits to perforce by sam recently
> under a directory /projects/vap7/sys/*
>  i found it here http://www.secnetix.de/olli/FreeBSD/svnews/
> This would lead me to believe that maybe someone sponsored, a backport
> of vap to 7.x, but even if that was true it is probally too late in
> PC-BSD's 7.1 release cycle
> to import vap....
> Sam Fourman Jr.
> Fourman Networks

I'm thinking it wouldn't be safe to port over the HAL stuff into 7, if 
Sam says it can't be done, then we shouldn't tackle it either. However 
the good news is that after 7.1 is out, I'm going to start working on 
getting us weekly snapshots of PC-BSD 8-Current, so if you want, you'll 
be able to run that version, and use PBI's for 8 as well.

I want to get us building on 8 and testing, so that we can be ready to 
release PC-BSD 8 shortly after 8-Current goes to release, which 
according to my sources should be near the end of the year.



Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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