[PC-BSD Public] new pcbsd installation

Rance Hall ranceh at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 06:27:43 PST 2008

well, I busted a gasket and got my dev machine converted to pcbsd.

so far Im very pleased, im still not quite used to kde4 but that was
inevitable and not pcbsd's fault by any stretch of the imagination.

I downloaded the qemu pbi and installed it.

all I can say is wow, almost all the problems I ever had with qemu are
fixed with this package.

aqemu is workable, and qemu works with the kqemu module just fine.

all I need to do is figure out my networking problem, but once I do,
aqemu has a net setup option that will directly allow everything I
want to do.

I did run into a problem however...

under floppy setup in aqemu I wanted to setup qemu to boot from
floppy, but cant due to a bug in the dropdown list of available floppy
devices, the device /dev/fd0 is not listed as a choice, and I can't
type in what I want.

is this a package bug or something else?

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