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Fri Nov 21 07:23:38 PST 2008

Terry Poulin wrote:
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>> Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 17:58:21 +0000
>> From: "John ." <comp.john at googlemail.com>
>> Subject: [PC-BSD Public] oddity in http://docs.pcbsd.org/guide/
>> 	section 11	(networking)
>> To: public at lists.pcbsd.org
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>> Hi,
>> In section 11 (Networking) of the guide, there is the following text:
>> [snip]
>> IP address: The IP address you want for the selected network
>> interface. This IP address cannot be a public IP and needs to belong
>> to private network IP addresses.
>> [/snip]
>> now, I have a real /28 and *want* to use one out of my allocation. I
>> do this in FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Can I not do this in PC-BSD as
>> described in section 11 of the handbook? Or do I have to go via the
>> ifconfig/rc.conf route?
>> thanks
>> --
>> John
> I would expect the message in the documentation is just a warning, the
> actual program probably will only care if an octlet is 255 or 0 in dotted
> notation. Of couse though, like every part of PC-BSD that didn't ship with
> FreeBSD, if you want to know you'll need to check their SVN.
> If you know how to do it the usual way, don't bother with the PC-BSD method;
> unless you'll be turning the box over to people that don't know a loopback
> from a packet filter, or training them to work with the system -> it's
> just a waste of time.
> TerryP.

You should be able to use your real /28 address just fine, since all the 
GUI does is set the IP in rc.conf as you would manually anyway :)

Gerard, maybe we should re-word this?


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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