[PC-BSD Public] minor 1.4 installation issues

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Thu Feb 28 17:48:28 PST 2008

I now see that I should have tried a 1.5 rc but I don't see it mentioned 
on front page, download page or developer page (but I may have 
overlooked). But later I saw it on the dev list archives.

So maybe my following comments don't matter.

0) Maybe this wasn't an issue. I fetched the torrent file for disk 1. I 
ran ctorrent on it for 30 minutes or so and it didn't fetch anything more. 
So I tried btnet and it repeatedly errored:

Error from tracker: Error SELECT P.seeder, P.peer_id, P.unique_id, P.uid, 
P.ip, P.real_ip, P.port, P.uploaded, P.downloaded, P.upload_speed, 
UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()) - UNIX_TIMESTAMP(P.last_action) as seconds, U.level 
FROM torrent_peers P LEFT JOIN torrent_users U ON P.uid = U.id WHERE 
torrent = '13' AND unique_id = 'R'
Time 1204235061

until I killed it.

I don't know torrent very well, but I have used it successfully in the 
past. Maybe this was my own error. (And I was not using PC-BSD to fetch 

1) Maybe Language and Keyboard menu header should mention Timezone too.

2) Timezones list not wide enough for me to see the shorter name (like 
CST) -- someone unfamiliar with offset from ITC and don't recognize 
closest location may find that difficult

3) Any "Quick Tips" five lines or longer had bottom line(s) chopped -- so 
I couldn't read them all -- even if resize window.

4) Should disable minimize of window. (Workaround for Fluxbox users: 
middle click or both mouse buttons and go to Icons submenu.)

5) License agreement -- plain text should be better formatted to not line 
wrap in middle of sentences -- makes it unfriendly to read. Maybe 
pre-justify the file to 40 characters lines.

6) Read license to get explanation for Intel Firmware and NVIDIA is not 
good enough.

7) In Installation choice, clicking Icon does nothing. Must click on small 
radio-button (some novices would assume an icon is a button).

8) No explanation what System Update / Repair might indicate.

9) Username final "e" is chopped off in the User accounts menu.

10) In Drive selection, must click on a detected disk to highlight it 
before can choose to use entire disk. Maybe say to click on it.

11) Maybe more details for the Customize Partition Layout -- I didn't see 
way to choose to do fdisk partitions (oh .. maybe because I chose to 
entire disk ... nevermind.)

12) In System Components, it would be nice to know more about these 
optional components and also know what comes with system already. For 
example: do I need Koffice or Openoffice if I want a word processor? 

(Note I didn't choose any of these since it said disk #2.)

13) On reboot, I pressed key to see kernel and boot messages and saw:

 : not found

Some shell error, but screen changed so fast I couldn't see what was near 

14) Maybe the Advanced tab for Monitor Settings should have some note 
about Hsync and Vrefresh, like " ... probably not needed as most modern
devices are properly detected ..." or something like that.

15) It defaulted to Intel. How would a novice know what to use here? Maybe 
a note saying just use what is detected. (I was curious if I should have 
selected "Intel-3d-enable".)

16) After clicking apply, a popup window said settings now testing. And I 
waited. I didn't realize for about a minute, that I had to press "Ok" 
button to do the tests :)

17) And maybe the confirm the video is okay should be more than ten 
seconds so I'd have enough time to take notes :)

18) Why the "da vinci" at startup? What does that mean here? Now I google 
... and see that this is the PC-BSD Da Vinci Edition. I was just curious.

19) Woah ... it had connected me to the wrong wireless -- I was on my 
neighbor's network! It works at least so I am happy! But maybe, I should 
have been given a choice when there are choices.

20) System showed wrong time for me -- even though I chose NTP option at 
first install menu. I left-clicked and it gave me a calendar. I 
right-clicked and fixed the time (after entering my root password).

I could write a lot about what I am pleased with ... good job!

I'm curious: Can I use the 1.4 CD's "System Update / Repair" option to 
update to 1.5 release candidate?

  Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. I am and will be taking careful notes of my family's PC-BSD 
experiences. Stay tuned! I have a lot more notes but only mentioned things 
that might be useful to you above.

p.p.s. By the way, The Best of FreeBSD Basics by Dru Lavigne has several 
pages about PC-BSD. http://www.reedmedia.net/books/freebsd-basics/

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