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Renato Flórido renatoflorido at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 18:27:00 PDT 2007

Hello friends,



I would like to have your attention on the issues of Pbi software updates
and PBI language support.



Hello again


As I am sure, you noticed I sent the e-mail by accident before I finished
it. Sorry for that. I’ll continue from where I left.



Regarding the PBI update system,



I believe that by taking the approach I mentioned we will have a very
functional and easy to manage system and cover both offline and online users
equally well. 




Regarding the translation support for PBIs I propose the following:


The translation support for PBIs has to be integrated with the PBI creator.



When creating a PBI, the PBI creator would create two PBI packages, one
containing the app itself in PC-BSD’s native language (English) and another
containing the translation packages for all other languages.


The languages PBI would be present at all times next to the application PBI
in PBIdir so users installing offline would be able to download both.

In the package page there would be a warning for users to download the
Languages package if installing offline.



Users installing PBIs with online machines would only need to download the
app PBI. During the PBI installation, if the PBI detected the system is not
using English as default the user would be prompted to select the app’s
language. The language PBI would then be downloaded and installed without
user intervention before the installation of the app ends.



Hope I have made myself clear as I am Portuguese and not an English native.






Renato Flórido








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