[PC-BSD Public] PBI update and pbi translation support

Renato Flórido renatoflorido at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 18:03:22 PDT 2007

Hello friends,



I would like to have your attention on the issues of Pbi software updates
and PBI language support.



Let’s start by the PBI update system.


I believe that it is very important we get the PBI update system working for
V1.4. Currently, users of PC-BSD have to look for updates for their
installed software in the forums or PBIdir because the update system is not
functional and the PBI developers cannot take advantage of it. The update
mechanism should be integrated onto the PBI creator and an automated
mechanism/protocol should be created in order to allow/encourage PBI
developers to use such tool.


The PBI update system should work in two different ways for online and
offline users.



The online PBI update system would work by updating existing apps in the
system only modifying the existing app as necessary and make use of the
least amount of bandwidth necessary for the job (the smaller the patches,
the better).


The online user would update his app by clicking to “Update” the app to the
newer version on the PBI update manager. 

The upgrade option would then update the software and PBI entries on the
system (making sure there were no configuration changes unless necessary).



The offline update system would work by installing up-to-date PBIs over the
existing ones (without having to manually uninstall the previous version I
mean) during the installation of the PBI.


The offline user would update his app by clicking to install the newer
version. It would then be informed a previous version of the app is present
and prompted to choose between two options: “Upgrade” or “Install side by


The upgrade option would (without user intervention) uninstall the older
version and install the new one (making sure there were no configuration
changes unless necessary).




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