[Pcbsd-warden] Jail Questions

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 14 19:43:21 PDT 2009

I installed the Warden, built a jail, built apache2, php5, mysql50, and phpMyAdmin from ports.

The purpose was partly to get around the problems of running multiple mysql servers in the host environment.  KDE runs a mysql server for Akonadi.  Starting a 2nd one for Drupal presented a problem.

However, in building the jail, the Warden built the world to copy the host, so all the PCBSD stuff is there, including the mysql server I don't want.  In this jail I'm only going to be running a web server, mysql, and Drupal, so I don't need all the PCBSD stuff, nor KDE, nor X11.  But anything that supports what I need I want to keep obviously.

Is there a quick way to do this?  Just delete some folders?  I can get rid of the PCBSD instance of mysql easily enought, but would like to clean up the rest of the jail too.  If I do this again, how do I prevent build world from copying the host structure?

Tnx, Jeff

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