[PCBSD-malaysia] Do you speak arabic and english? Be my company representative

Newman Holland newmanland at airsoftmail.com
Wed Jun 16 14:19:56 PDT 2010

Hello sir, 
I got your contact from our British Chambers of Commerce and Industry and I decided to contact you directly for an investment with you in my company if you can understand English and Arabic Language. Our company is into production of Pharmaceutical products, Animal Vaccines and Anti-viral drugs. 

There are some materials that my company needs from DUBAI for the production of our Animal Vaccines and Anti-viral drugs. 

We have been purchasing the materials from Iran but it is very scarce now and we got information that somebody has it in Dubai but we are having problem with the owner of the products due to language barrier.

We contacted the dealer of the products in Dubai through his telephone but could not understand his language as he speaks only Arabic Language. This is why we need you to help us link us with the dealer.
Please if you can speak and understand Arabic Language, take out a moment of your very busy schedule to respond back by email or telephone for more details.

You can contact me on +44-792-406-3615 for further details. reply to: (newmanland at airsoftmail.com)
Newman Holland
Reply to:    newmanland at airsoftmail.com
Tel: +44-792-406-3615 

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