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BRIAN RITCHIE esqbrianritchie at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 02:46:43 PDT 2010

Greetings again,

  Sorry everyone, I accidentally missed this group. Details as below. SIGNUP
Now. *Closing date *for the form is - *15th June 2010*.

*UNIX g33ks Series Sessions with @sureshdr*

*Requirements : *Your own laptops - VMs and Slides will be provided and a
willingness to learn and tinker

Date *: 27 June 2010 - Session 1

*Time *: After lunch 1pm till 3/4pm

*Venue*: HackerspaceKL - Location on Google Map <http://bit.ly/9Yv0Rp>

*Fees* : RM 10 (non-members) per session and FREE for paid HackerSpaceKL
Course Roadmap Structure* :

This is the ideal course structure for aspiring unix learners to take.

Unix Essentials --> FreeBSD Internals --> Unix Web & Apps --> FreeBSD
Intermediate --> FreeBSD Advanced

*Unix Essentials* - CONFIRMED  -  Pre-Register Here :
visit HackerSpaceKL for more info -

This series aims to teach the masses on basic day to day Unix survival
skills bringing you up to speed for our Part 2 Series. You will be using
FreeBSD as a base platform to be comfortable with UNIX.

Session 1 - Getting Started with UNIX, covering the introduction about the
UNIX operating systems

Session 2 - Using your UNIX account - looking at basic linux usage and file

Session 3 - File Management & manipulation

Session 4 - Console I/O

Session 5 - Process Management

Session 6 - Application Configuration and Installation

Session 7 - Introduction to Shell Programming

Bonus Session - How to become l33t geek - mastering VI

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