[PCBSD-malaysia] Fwd: [Nepenthes-devel] we got funded!

Muhammad Najmi Ahmad Zabidi najmi.zabidi at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 03:48:12 PST 2009

"In order to avoid envy and distrust with the other developers, I decided
to bribe *share the wealth and make a present to each of* them. I'm kidding,
my fellows are loyal and rejected my offer to split the funding, which was
totally not acceptable for me. I told them I'd sent them a present, without
telling anything about the present itself.

So I ordered five *units*, received them, declared my own, and sent the
remaining to their respective new owners.
It was interesting to traceroute the packages traveling through the country
with the package-tracking service, and basically they arrived last
Wednesday, but everybody got the package at a different point of time during
the day. Felix was really excited as he was the last but one to get his
package in the evening, and nobody from the other who already received it
told him what to expect.
The last one to receive the package was Mark, as he was in Malaysia until
yesterday where he presented about dionaea at a FIRST TC
and had to pick up the package from a neighbor, who took detained the
package during Marks absence."

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without asking for it, somebody offered funding, I'm totally glad.
To prevent depreciation the money was 'invested':

The organization wanted stay anonymous, therefore I can't praise them
by name, but we are very thankful.

We still do not have a "donate button", as current frequency (0.25
fundings/year) still allows setting things up personally, which I
prefer anyway.


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