[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] How to set compile options on dependencies

Renato Botelho rbgarga at gmail.com
Sat Feb 15 03:13:50 PST 2014

On 14-02-2014 18:18, Alan Bryan wrote:
> Say I'm trying to use phi-makeport  to build a port that has dependencies.  How do I config the options to the dependencies (rather than using the default values)?
> If I use PBI_MAKEOPTS, that goes only to the named target port in pbi.conf, right?
> For example, if I was doing this interactively I'd use make config-recursive to get everything down the dependency tree configured the way I want.

What you set on PBI_MAKEOPTS will be added to /etc/make.conf, so you can
set individual ports using uniquename_SET and _UNSET, something like:


And generic options like OPTIONS_SET and OPTIONS_UNSET will be applied
to all ports.

Renato Botelho

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