[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] EasyPBI 2.0 is now ready!

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Thu Jan 10 07:28:13 PST 2013

Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that EasyPBI version 2.0 is now 

This has been a complete re-write of the original program code. It has a 
more streamlined process for working with PBI modules, as well as a 
brand new interface and many new features/abilities. See the bottom of 
this post for simple instructions on how to get the new version of 
EasyPBI, and also how to upgrade your pbi-manager tools (to utilize some 
of the new abilities of EasyPBI).

**New Features**
   *Packaging a local directory into a PBI (not using FreeBSD ports)
   *New Logo (Thanks to Jennifer Rosenburg!)
   *Build 32-bit PBI's on 64-bit systems (Additional build option)
   *Complete support for editing installation/wrapper scripts (as well 
as a basic template for creating new binary wrapper scripts)
   *Complete support for XDG desktop/menu entries with easy MIME type 
integration (full creation/editing of entries with a number of new 
options available for entries)
   *Switch to using the OptionsNG format for setting port build options 
by default (as well as using a multiple-line format for build options)

**UI Improvements**
   *New "Settings" dialog for setting/changing default directory paths, 
PBI build settings, and any external utilities.
   *New "Ports" dialog for downloading/updating the FreeBSD ports tree. 
Displays the last time the ports tree was updated, and simplifies the 
process of using portsnap (or svn if previously setup that way) to 
update the system ports tree.
   *New "About" dialog for quickly viewing information about EasyPBI 
(like license information and development history)

**Important Warnings**
   *Make sure you are using the latest version of the pbi-manager tools 
before using the new "local sources" PBI build options (the default 
PC-BSD 9.1 tools do not have the proper version).
   *One of the install scripts (pre-pbicreate.sh) will also not be used 
unless you have the latest version of the pbi-manager tools.
   *Saved settings from earlier versions are not converted into the new 
format, you will need to reset all of your settings manually from the 
new "EasyPBI  Settings" menu option.
   *Desktop/Menu entries and external-links are no longer automatically 
generated on module creation. These can now be easily added from the 
module editor afterwards.
   *Since it has been added to SVN so recently, most of the translations 
have not been done yet. Translation is an ongoing process for the the 
PC-BSD sources and the current status can be checked on 

**Updating Instructions**

   To get EasyPBI 2.0, you will need to have the Development-Qt system 
package installed, as well as either the Subversion PBI or the 
Development-VCS system package.
svn co svn://svn.pcbsd.org/pcbsd/current/src-qt4/EasyPBI EasyPBI-source
cd EasyPBI-source
qmake-qt4 *.pro
su (and supply root password when prompted)
make install clean

   To update your version of the pbi-manager tools, you will need to 
have either the Subversion PBI or the Development-VCS system package 
svn co svn://svn.pcbsd.org/pcbsd/current/src-sh/pbi-manager 
cd pbi-manager-source
su (and supply root password when prompted)
make install

~~Ken Moore~~

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