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Randall Wood randall+pcbsd at woodbriceno.net
Tue Feb 5 04:23:23 PST 2013

Greetings - you've seen me on the forums.pcbsd.org as 'zafiro.'  I wanted a 
slrn PBI, and have made one (attached).  I created a little icon for it, and 
it seems to work on my system.  I'm no developer though so you may find ways 
to improve it.

Specifically, I'd wanted to include a sample .slrnrc file as part of the PBI.  
But when I looked into it I realized slrn also requires some environment 
variables to be set (setenv NNTPSERVER='whatever.org') and so I thought, "hell 
with it, whoever uses this PBI is going to have to know how to modify their 
.cshrc in a console anyway).  So I didn't bother to deal with it.  That means, 
until the user puts in their .slrnrc and edits their .cshrc, launching from 
the menu won't really work.

I'm thinking, anyone who searches for and downloads slrn already knows this.  
And there's knode/pan for the rest.

Many thanks for PBIcreator 2.0, which made this a snap.  Maybe I'll try some 
more :) It's a fun learning experience, anyway.

Happy to help out if something's not right.  And thanks for the great OS.

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