[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] EasyPBI LibGTop-Server problem

Bob McIsaac bobmc_net at rogers.com
Sat May 12 10:33:48 PDT 2012


Following workflow of EasyPBI for streamripper application, got the 
following error
at the build step. I am a programmer but need help with error specifics:-

This libgtop was compiled on FreeBSD 9.0-RC3 i386
If you see strange problems caused by it,
you should recompile libgtop and dependent applications
Fetching FreeBSD chroot environment... This may take a while...

size of remote file is not known

rel.tbz              0  B 0  Bps
rel.tbz              4329  B   62 kBps

size of remote file is not known
rel.md5              0  B 0  Bps
rel.md5              4329  B  103 kBps
[: <!--: unexpected operator
Extracting chroot environment...
pbi_makeport: Failed extracting chroot environment!
Cleaning /usr/pbi/streamripper-i386.chroot
LibGTop-Server: pid 17600 received eof.

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