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Dru Lavigne dru.lavigne at att.net
Wed Mar 7 09:23:43 PST 2012

> The Libreoffice PBI does not support localizations at all. In order to 
> use a localized version of LibreOffice you have to rebuild the entire 
> program with different build options. Because of this, we are 
> currently only building the English (unlocalized) version of 
> Libreoffice. We do have all the different localizations for 
> openoffice, but there have been reports that the current localized 
> PBI's do have a couple issues with the desktop/menu icons, but the 
> program should work fine. We have been trying to rebuild those PBI's, 
> but the openoffice port itself also broke in the meantime, so we have 
> been waiting for that to get fixed as well.
Isnt't it possible to build LibreOffice --with-lang=ALL?
That might blow up the PBI a bit but it's a kind of giant already.

To follow up on this thread: I spoke to a member of the porting team. The next version of the LibreOffice port will be fully localized. They expected that version of the port to be released by now, but they are hitting a compile bug they haven't solved yet. The JAVA option also needs to be tested.

If anyone is willing to help with the testing and/or figuring out the bug, the Makefiles for the localizations are available at http://redports.org/browser/office. Feedback should be sent to office at freebsd.org. There is also a #freebsd-office channel on IRC efnet (not freenode).



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