[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] PBI submissions..

Tigersharke . tigersharke at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 17:25:02 PST 2012


It seems that there needs to be another method of submitting a PBI besides
through email to this list.  I am not sure what the attachment limit is for
gmail, but I would imagine it is generous.  Others are not so lucky to have
a limit of 28MB or less, which means splitting a PBI archive into as many
as 9 pieces for submission.  Of course one may simply request any certain
PBI be made, but I know of at least one PC-BSD user who so greatly
appreciates the OS, that he would like to give back by helping to submit

I am not sure what the perfect solution would be, or how it would be
managed. However, we should setup a method to submit PBIs that does not
require an email account as intermediary.

Thanks for your time and efforts!
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