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Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Wed Jul 18 03:37:59 PDT 2012

On 07/16/2012 16:11, chris wrote:
> I am submitting these files as they are the content of 
> ~/EasyPBI/Modules/Vice after creating vice-2.3_4-amd64.pbi, which can 
> be found here : http://www.clbb.net/~chris/vice-2.3_4-amd64.pbi
> shasum : http://www.clbb.net/~chris/vice-2.3_4-amd64.pbi.sha256
> The module files do not contain anything that would enable ethernet 
> emulation in Vice as I had to edit the makefile in ports before 
> building the PBI There would be no point in adding them to the build 
> server, but the PBI itself does install an ethernet enabled Vice 
> emulator with Simple DirectMedia Layer support. You could chose to add 
> it as is to the AppCafe or rebuild the existing Vice PBI with the 
> makefile edited for "--enable-ethernet"
> If you would rather wait for the port to be upgraded to include this 
> feature, I would like permission to make this PBI available to members 
> of my Commodore users group and C64 chat room list.
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Feel free to distribute your custom PBI for Vice to anyone who wants it. 
That is one of the beauties of the PBI system... :-)
As for adding it to the AppCafe, it needs to be in a form that we can 
build ourselves (for security purposes) without maintaining our own 
custom ports tree (for convenience). In order to accomplish that, I 
would recommend that you send a list of your port MakeFile changes to 
the current maintainer for the Vice port (dinoex at FreeBSD.org 
<mailto:dinoex at FreeBSD.org?subject=FreeBSD%20Port:%20emulators/vice>), 
and ask him to make those changes to the port itself. This will let us 
(and anyone else) easily take advantage of your improvements.


~~ Ken Moore ~~

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