[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] PBI packages: avahi-app, dbus

Andriy Bakay andriy at irbisnet.com
Tue Jan 24 16:45:03 PST 2012

Answer is pretty simple. It all depends what you call "base system". I use PBIs in "raw" FreeBSD base system. I like "dependency hell free" environment and current ports/packages, pkgng (not sure), etc. is not provide such environment. So, Dbus is not part of my FreeBSD base system. I am using Zeroconf (avahi) + netatalk which require Dbus. I hope in future it will be more elegant solution for Zeroconf on FreeBSD and I could avoid Dbus overhead.

On 2012-01-24, at 11:01 , Kris Moore wrote:

> On 01/24/2012 08:51, Ken Moore wrote:
>> On 01/23/2012 20:31, Andriy Bakay wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> Here is the PBI modules for 'avahi-app' and 'dbus' ports.
>>> Kris and Ken, do you have any plans to provide some standard
>>> way/scripts to add users/groups for application during/after PBI
>>> module installation? Kind of same functionality which is provided by
>>> FreeBSD Ports system. Or maybe such way/scripts already exists? I
>>> just wrote my custom post install scripts for now, but that post
>>> install operation is very common.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Andriy
>> I just added these modules to the build server. Thanks for sending
>> them in!
>> We currently to not have any automated/standard way of adding
>> users/groups for PBI installations. They way you did it is almost
>> exactly they way that we handle adding them as well (I always use our
>> virtualbox-ose post-install script as an example), so no worries about
>> how you got it working.
>> Perhaps in the future we could create some generic group/user add
>> script for the PBI process and put a couple more flags in the pbi.conf
>> file to list the users/groups to add.
>> (Example: PBI_ADDUSER="(username)" and PBI_ADDGROUP="(groupname)"  )
>> Thanks for the suggestion!
> Out of curiosity, why would you want a dbus PBI? It's included in the
> base system, and you can't run two daemons of it simultaneously, that
> will cause all kinds of fun crashes on your system :)
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