[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] PBI localization

Titus von Boxberg titus at v9g.de
Thu Feb 23 00:11:06 PST 2012


I'm new to this list, so please excuse if this is the wrong place.

On PCBSD 9.0 I've installed Thunderbird, Firefox, and LibreOffice PBIs.
None of the user interfaces seem to be localized.

With Firefox, I can access the locale switcher, however it's only able
to switch from english user interface to english user interface so
I eventually got bored with it.
With Thunderbird, no locale switcher seems to be accessible.

While - for me - the missing localization of Firefox and Thunderbird
is only annoying, it makes LibreOffice unusable.

Am I missing something?
Should I file a bug report?

How could I help to add l10n to the PBIs that I use?


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