[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] How to make a PBI with a combination of ports?

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 13 09:40:05 PST 2012

Thanks, I was able to build the PBI with Apache and PHP.

The problem now is that I wanted to include the same services scripts as found in the Apache PBI for start up and other stuff.  Plus I need a custom config file for phpmyadmin for initial setup, and want to modify httpd.conf with a script to include an alias for phpmyadmin.

No big deal, but it occurred to me that running the Apache PBI and PhpMyAdmin PBI that also includes Apache, would conflict unless I configure it to listen on a different port, which is a pain.

Right now, with the Apache PBI, you access the server at http://localhost/index.html, so another server running would have to be http://localhost:8080/phpmyadmin or something like that.

Is there another way to deal with that potential conflict?  What if the 2nd Apache installation used a virtual host setup - would that work?

If I want to include the services scripts and any other custom scripts, do I just add them in the pbi.conf?  I sort of concluded that by looking at pbi.conf for the Apache PBI.

Maybe it would just be easier to add PhpMyAdmin to the Apache PBI. It might make more sense anyway, to include PHP, and possibly even MySQL, since most people will want those too.

Just curious, if someone added PHP, etc to the Apache PBI environment, after the PBI was installed, what would happen to those additions when the PBI got updated?  



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>On 02/13/2012 06:09, Hakisho Nukama wrote:
>> Am 13. Februar 2012 10:21 schrieb Jeff<dejamuse at yahoo.com>:
>>> I don't think Easy PBI is setup to work with metaports since as you say
>>> they're just a collection of dependencies.
>>> I couldn't find any metaport for Apache, PHP, and PhpMyAdmin, in any case.
>>> I would have to make one.  I believe this is the way to do it:
>>> /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/wanted-ports/
>>> I could build the PBI manually without using Easy PBI, but I'm lazy and I
>>> figure other people will want to combine existing ports into a single PBI at
>>> some point as well.
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>>> Subject: Re: [PC-BSD Pbi-dev] How to make a PBI with a combination of ports?
>>> On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 1:52 PM, Jeff<dejamuse at yahoo.com>  wrote:
>>> In order to build a PBI for PhpMyAdmin, I need to include a webserver like
>>> Apache, Nginx, or Lighttpd, and PHP.
>>> It doesn't seem like EasyPBI is setup to build a PBI from multiple ports.
>>> Can anyone explain how to do this?
>>> Let me guess - you need to create meta-port for this. Meta-port is a simple
>>> port, which doesn't install anything, but depends on some other ports.
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>> Specify each additional port for your PBI in pbi.conf with following excerpt
>> from http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.php/PBI_Module_Builder_Guide and
>> make sure a used variable is exported.
>> # Ports to build before / after
>> PBI_MKPORTAFTER="audio/esound x11-fonts/dejavu x11-themes/qtcurve-gtk2
>> devel/gconf2 www/firefox-i18n"
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>Hakisho Nukama is correct,
>If a program has an additional dependency that is not listed in the port 
>(or you want to simply package another port with the program)  you just 
>need to add that port to the PBI_MKPORTAFTER line in pbi.conf within the 
>module. EasyPBI is not setup to edit the pbi.conf file yet (it is on my 
>list of things to add) so you will have to do it by hand.
>You may also run into programs that will not build as PBI's due to 
>missing build dependencies in the port, this can be solved the same way: 
>add the desired port to the PBI_MKPORTBEFORE line in pbi.conf in order 
>to ensure that the desired port is included with the main program before 
>the main program builds.
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