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Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Fri Feb 10 09:03:05 PST 2012

On 02/06/2012 11:40, Hakisho Nukama wrote:
> Attached a mostly working version of mplayer PBI-module with GUI.
> Use "tar -xvJf mplayer.tar.xz -C /usr/pbi/modules-devel/multimedia" to extract
> this module to /usr/pbi/modules-devel/multimedia/mplayer.
> And "pbi_autobuild -c /usr/pbi/modules-devel -o /usr/pbi/pbiout
> --tmpfs" to build it.
> This is a call for testing and improving this PBI.
> Best Regards
> Hakisho Nukama
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Thanks for sending in the module! I just committed it to the build server.
I did make a couple changes:

You had created a custom wrapper script in 
(module-dir)/resources/bin/mplayer.sh (which is fine, that is the proper 
place to put it), but there are two additional steps to include the 
wrapper script properly. First, you need to add an entry to the 
external-links file for your script to be linked properly (linked into 
(pbi-dir)/.sbin with correct path definitions and such). Second, you 
also needed to adjust the desktop/menu entries to run the wrapper script 
(change the executable in (module-dir)/xdg-[desktop or 

Other than that, I just found a better version of the mplayer icon and 
used that one (I try to use 64x64 .png with transparent backgrounds, I 
have discovered that 32x32 is too small for general use in the AppCafe 
without artifacting).

Other than that, it all looked good! Now to see if the PBI works...   :-)

~~ Ken Moore ~~

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