[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] PBI submissions portaudit, portaudit-db, FreeBSD Port Tools

nemysis nemysis at gmx.ch
Sun Dec 23 07:15:30 PST 2012

This PBI are very important for checking vulnerabilities and FreeBSD Ports.
I need this PBIs for work with FreeBSD Ports in PC-BSD.


portaudit provides a system to check if installed ports are listed in a database of published security vulnerabilities.

After installation it will update this security database automatically and include its reports in the output of the daily security run.

If you have found a vulnerability not listed in the database, please contact
the FreeBSD Security Officer <security-officer at FreeBSD.org>. Refer to


for more information.




In contrast to ports-mgmt/portaudit, which is designed to be an
install-and-forget solution, portaudit-db requires a current
ports tree and generates a database that can be used locally
or distributed over a network.

Furthermore committers that want to add entries to the VuXML
database may use this port to check their changes locally.
It also features a file `database/portaudit.txt' where UUIDs
for vulnerabilities can be allocated before they have been
investigated thoroughly and moved to the VuXML database by
the security officer team.

Call `packaudit' after upgrading your ports tree.



FreeBSD Port Tools

FreeBSD Port Tools includes the following commands:
- port create: create a new port from a template
- port diff: generate a diff against a previous version of the port
- port fetch: fetch distfile(s) of a new version of the port
- port help: display usage summary for port(1) commands
- port submit: submit a PR with new port, or port change/update
- port test: automate testing a new port or a port update


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