[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] PBI submissions SDL_sound, showkey

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Fri Dec 21 10:52:35 PST 2012

On 12/19/2012 07:35, nemysis wrote:
> SDL_sound
> Is a library that handles the decoding of several popular sound file formats, such as raw, wav, mp3, flac, ogg, voc, shn, aiff, au, and some others.
> http://www.icculus.org/SDL_sound/
> audio/sdl_sound
> showkey
> This program puts your terminal in raw mode, eats keystrokes, and prints them back it you in a recognizable printed form (using <>-surrounded ASCII mnemonics for non-printables).
> This may be useful, for example, if you're not certain what your keyboard keys
> are sending.
> http://catb.org/~esr/showkey/
> converters/showkey
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I just added the converters/showkey module to the build server.
Since audio/sdl_sound is just a library for use in other programs and 
does not do anything on it's own, I did not add it to the build server 
because it is not a good candidate for a PBI. Instead, we should just 
leave it to get included in PBI's for programs that depend on it.

Thanks for sending the modules in!

~~Ken Moore~~

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