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nemysis nemysis at gmx.ch
Sun Aug 5 15:16:16 PDT 2012

This are mine new commited FreeBSD Ports

Python Kye

This is a clone of the game Kye for Windows, originally by Colin Garbutt. It is a puzzle game, which is a little like the old falling-rocks puzzle games, and perhaps also inspired a little by Sokoban. But Kye has more variety of objects, and so is capable of posing quite complex puzzles.                                                                                                    
This clone is written by Colin Phipps <cph at moria.org.uk> in Python and uses gtk.
So it will run on modern Linux systems easily enough, and indeed should work on any system with working Python and pygtk. It works on Windows as well, for instance.




This Ports include too 


Extra Levels for Python Kye.


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