[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] pbi_makeport process.. (via beta2.0)

Tigersharke . tigersharke at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 01:43:52 PDT 2011


Since I have been bitten a number of times (more than 3) by the "ports/pkgs
erased when system is modified or updated" rule, I decided that I would
figure out how to build PBIs of those things I use.

pbi_makeport for my first multiple attempts *seemed to stall*.  After I
finally decided to let it alone for what may have been in excess of 10
hours, is when it actually was successful and I discovered pbi_makeport
wasn't stalled.

Therefore, I would like to request some kind of indication (for those who
are new to using pbi_makeport) that it is actually *doing* something, or
that it is continuing to do something.

An alternative to this might be a separate process (via switch) or a
separate command, pbi_buildenv which purely does the initial environment

If this pbi build environment (jail) setup didn't take so long, I would
suggest it somehow be pre-made or setup during the install process.
Thankfully, for as long as that initial environment setup takes, it is only
oppressively long for the very first instance.. I suppose, because I choose
not to erase everything prior to my successive PBI builds. I'm sure there
may be other ways to speed up the building of a PBI- my main hope was that
if I did not 'clean' the port's directory after building the port (ie,
simply: make install), that it might use things from there.

Another thought, when using pbi_makeport, is the ports tree used?
Specifically, if I configure a port with certain options, within its
location of the ports tree, is that configuration honored so that the PBI is
built according to those options?  If not, how would I accomplish such a

Since the wiki pages for pbi building feel like they are a little terse,
those of us who become more familiar with the process will hopefully find
time to improve it (myself included).

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