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Hakisho Nukama nukama at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 31 15:50:00 PDT 2011


I've tried building my first PBI-Port, resulting in a 300Mb heavy PBI.

Partly because math/py-numpy with FORTRAN=YES sets RUN_DEPENDS to gcc46.
And I'm not aware, if a run-time dependency is really needed.
There might be more unneeded stuff getting packed inside this PBI.
How to quickly enumerate which files are needed?

Only excluding directories is laborious, why not specify
single/multiple ports for exclusion?
PBI_EXCLUDEPORT= (excluding single port)
PBI_EXCLUDEPORTS= (excluding port and its dependencies)

Or should this be done inside scripts/post-portmake.sh?

Extending PBI_EXCLUDEDIR with the ability to include some files /
directories could also be practical.
PBI_INCLUDEDIR= (including files / dir inside EXCLUDEDIR)

Now some issues I encountered with games/anki.

For "Japanese Support" there are no x11-fonts installed, Hiragana,
Katakana and Kanji needs fonts (maybe x11-fonts/cyberbit-ttfonts &
japanese/font-kochi )? Or should Base-I18N handle this?
Furthermore it needs japanse/py-mecab.

Pinyin Toolkit displays fonts with x11-fonts/wqy, but needs
www/py-beautifulsoup and devel/py-dateutil to run.

Audio-support requires multimedia/mplayer to work.

I've also included print/latex, but that wouldn't display all math formulas.

If someone finds another dependency or a fix let me know.

Hakisho Nukama
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