[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] New EasyPBI

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Mon Oct 31 15:43:16 PDT 2011

I have made some improvements to EasyPBI. As per Ken's suggestion, 
EasyPBI will now try to locate the defaulticon.png file if it can't 
figure out any better icon for the port. EasyPBI searches for this 
default icon in the current working directory and, if it's not there, it 
will check PREFIX/share/pbimaker/

The underlying library has been updated so it no longer assumes ports 
are kept in /usr/ports. We should now be able to work with a port tree 
in any location. So if the user downloads the ports tree using EasyPBI, 
we can now work with ports under the user's home. This removes the last 
"root requirement".

The latest version is attached. If it works okay, I'll submit an updated 
PBIMaker and EasyPBI to FreeBSD's ports collection.

- Jesse

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