[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Pbi-dev Digest, Vol 55, Issue 16

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Mon Oct 31 06:31:41 PDT 2011

On 11-10-30 11:06 PM, Ken Moore wrote:
> On 10/30/11 17:39, Jesse Smith wrote:
>> On 11-10-30 06:18 PM, Tigersharke . wrote:
>>> Hello..
>>> It may be worth noting, that for a system which has not already been 
>>> setup/used for building Qt stuff, the following additional steps are 
>>> needed:
>>> Install qmake-qt4, qt4-uic, qt4-moc
>>> (Unless of course the intent was to use the qmake v3.x)
>>> And finally, in place of 'qmake'  use 'qmake-qt4'.
>>> Thanks for your efforts!
>> Thanks for the list of dependencies. Once EasyPBI is is pretty good 
>> shape I plan to submit it as a FreeBSD port. (And, eventually, as a 
>> PBI in the AppCafe.) That should make it easier for everyone to use.
>> - Jesse
> Jesse,
> I had some time this afternoon to look at the latest version of 
> EasyPBI and I think it is almost ready for "release". I did change a 
> number of things in the mainWindow files to more closely use the Qt 
> framework, and I am attaching them here. The main changes are (in no 
> particular order):
> 1) Shift things around on the GUI to make it a bit more intuitive
> 2) Add a progress bar to show the download status of the ports.tar.gz 
> file.
> 3) Add the ability to search anywhere we like on the system for the 
> ports tree (not just /usr/ports)
> 4) Change the default folder to (Home-dir)/EasyPBI rather than 
> EasyPBI-modules (Since we have a "Modules" sub-directory already). I 
> anticipate eventually having a "pbi" sub-directory once we include the 
> capability to build the PBI files.
> 5) Changed the "Get Ports" function to do the full download, save the 
> file, extract the file into "(home-dir)/EasyPBI/ports", and remove the 
> downloaded file. I put a notice in that if the ports tree is not 
> found, you should either install the system ports tree or use the 'Get 
> Ports' option to retrieve the ports tree for the current user *only*. 
> This way a standard user does not need to worry about root permissions 
> before building PBI modules if they don't want to. When looking for 
> the ports tree, it looks at /usr/ports first, and will always use that 
> rather than the ~/EasyPBI/ports directory if both are found.
> I think that is about the bulk of it. I also discovered that there is 
> an option in the pbi_makeport command that allows the selection of an 
> alternate location for the ports directory when building PBI's. We 
> should be able to use the EasyPBI/ports directory as well as the 
> /usr/ports directory (depending on which is available) to make PBI's 
> once we get to that point. At least now we are getting ready for it... :-)
> One thing that I noticed is that the in the pbi.conf of the resulting 
> module, the PBI_MAKEPORT entry is not getting the category right all 
> the time. For instance, "archivers/gzip" became "ore/gzip". Other than 
> that, the only other thing I thought might be a good idea was to use 
> the included "defaulticon.png" if the user does not specify an icon.
> Let me know what you think!
> ~Ken Moore~
> PC-BSD/iXsystems


I agree with everything you posted here. Thanks for hacking away on this.

One problem I see here that I will have to fix is the underlying pbi.cpp 
module always assumes a given port is in /usr/ports. In the past this 
has been a fairly safe assumption, but since EasyPBI and pbi_makeport 
can use different locations I'm going to correct this assumption.

Once that is done, I'll post another snapshot.


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