[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Pbi-dev Digest, Vol 55, Issue 16

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Sun Oct 30 19:06:40 PDT 2011

On 10/30/11 17:39, Jesse Smith wrote:
> On 11-10-30 06:18 PM, Tigersharke . wrote:
>> Hello..
>> It may be worth noting, that for a system which has not already been
>> setup/used for building Qt stuff, the following additional steps are
>> needed:
>> Install qmake-qt4, qt4-uic, qt4-moc
>> (Unless of course the intent was to use the qmake v3.x)
>> And finally, in place of 'qmake'  use 'qmake-qt4'.
>> Thanks for your efforts!
> Thanks for the list of dependencies. Once EasyPBI is is pretty good
> shape I plan to submit it as a FreeBSD port. (And, eventually, as a
> PBI in the AppCafe.) That should make it easier for everyone to use.
> - Jesse


I had some time this afternoon to look at the latest version of EasyPBI
and I think it is almost ready for "release". I did change a number of
things in the mainWindow files to more closely use the Qt framework, and
I am attaching them here. The main changes are (in no particular order):

1) Shift things around on the GUI to make it a bit more intuitive
2) Add a progress bar to show the download status of the ports.tar.gz file.
3) Add the ability to search anywhere we like on the system for the
ports tree (not just /usr/ports)
4) Change the default folder to (Home-dir)/EasyPBI rather than
EasyPBI-modules (Since we have a "Modules" sub-directory already). I
anticipate eventually having a "pbi" sub-directory once we include the
capability to build the PBI files.
5) Changed the "Get Ports" function to do the full download, save the
file, extract the file into "(home-dir)/EasyPBI/ports", and remove the
downloaded file. I put a notice in that if the ports tree is not found,
you should either install the system ports tree or use the 'Get Ports'
option to retrieve the ports tree for the current user *only*. This way
a standard user does not need to worry about root permissions before
building PBI modules if they don't want to. When looking for the ports
tree, it looks at /usr/ports first, and will always use that rather than
the ~/EasyPBI/ports directory if both are found.

I think that is about the bulk of it. I also discovered that there is an
option in the pbi_makeport command that allows the selection of an
alternate location for the ports directory when building PBI's. We
should be able to use the EasyPBI/ports directory as well as the
/usr/ports directory (depending on which is available) to make PBI's
once we get to that point. At least now we are getting ready for it... :-)

One thing that I noticed is that the in the pbi.conf of the resulting
module, the PBI_MAKEPORT entry is not getting the category right all the
time. For instance, "archivers/gzip" became "ore/gzip". Other than that,
the only other thing I thought might be a good idea was to use the
included "defaulticon.png" if the user does not specify an icon.

Let me know what you think!

~Ken Moore~
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