[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] EasyPBI app, updated

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Sat Oct 29 13:50:03 PDT 2011

Fellow PBIians,

Thanks to Ken, his work and his helpful suggestions I present to you an 
updated version of EasyPBI. Changes in this version include:

1. The interface has been cleaned up.
2. Modules and their archives are now stored in ~/EasyPBI-modules and 
~/EasyPBI-modules/Modules respectively. This avoids clutter in the 
user's home directory.
3. Some error checks have been added so we can let the user know if 
building a module failed. And maybe why it failed.
4. When the user goes to select a new port to turn into a module, 
EasyPBI will check to see if the ports tree is installed. If the ports 
collection not installed the user is prompted to download the ports tree 
using a new menu entry called Get Ports. This will download the ports 
collection and open the archive manager. EasyPBI will then display a tip 
on the status bar letting the user know where to unpack the tarball.

Alternatively, I support we could use the fetch command and unpack the 
tarball, but any way we slice it we're going to run into permission 
issues unpacking to /usr. I'm open to suggestions on a better way of 
handling item 4. This approach seemed the most generic/Qt-ish.

If not serious problems show up with this version I'll upload it 
somewhere and let people on the forum know the tool is available for 
public testing.


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