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Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Thu Oct 27 09:30:16 PDT 2011

On 10/27/11 10:48, Jesse Smith wrote:
> Fellow PBIers,
> I believe I've come up with a tool which will make it much easier for
> non-developers to create PBI modules. The tool is simply named (I'm
> not feeling creative today) EasyPBI. It's a Qt-based graphical
> application which will create new PBI modules with just a few mouse
> clicks.
> Right now it's a little rough, the last time I did any real coding in
> Qt.... well, KDE 2.2 was considered current. At any rate, I'm
> attaching my first attempt here. To compile it you will need the Qt
> development libraries installed on your system.
> To compile EasyPBI, save the attached tar archive and run the
> following commands
> tar zxf EasyPBI-0.1.tar.gz
> cd EasyPBI
> qmake
> make
> Then run
> ./EasyPBI
> The interface is a small window which displays the key fields of a PBI
> module. At the bottom of the screen the app displays instructions for
> the user to follow. To start off, we go to the File menu and select
> New Module. We pick which port we want to build. The app tries to fill
> in as many fields as possible and prompts the user to fill in the
> blanks for us. Then the user hits the Create Module button at the
> bottom of the window. EasyPBI will then try to build the module and
> bundle it as a tar archive. Its last step is to notify the user that
> the module has been created and provides the location of the tarball
> and the pbi-dev mailing list address so users can submit their module.
> The app can be used to build several modules, one after another.
> Right now I'm thinking more instructions and an option to open then
> port's FreshPort's page would be a logical next step. Comments,
> suggestions are welcome.
> - Jesse
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I just gave EasyPBI a whirl, and I must say that I am impressed! It is
still a bit rough, as you mentioned, but overall it is a nice interface
for a "casual" user to build a PBI module.
I have a couple suggestions here from my first use....

1) Make use of the QT spacers to allow the GUI to dynamically fit to the
current size of the window.
2) There is an extra bar under the "File" and "About" menus that I can
move around, but has no discernible purpose.
3) A button to open up the freshports page for the selected port in the
default web browser might be a good idea (as you mentioned)

1) Instead of creating the modules in the home directory, I would
recommend the following folder/structure:
   1-a) Create a EasyPBI-modules/ directory in the home folder and place
the uncompressed modules there
   1-b) Create a subdirectory within EasyPBI-modules/ for the compressed
2) Since you are using the /usr/ports/ directory on the system, you
might want to have some sanity checks to make sure the ports tree is
actually on the user's system or prompt the user to get it if it is not.
3) In addition to creating the modules, you could actually have a button
to run the pbi_makeport command on the newly-created module to actually
run the process to build the PBI. This will take a bit more work, but I
think it would make a nice complement to the program.

All in all, it seems like a great start for the program. Would you like
some help with it? I do a lot of Qt development and could help you out
with the GUI if you are a bit rusty on it.

~ Ken Moore ~

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