[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Deskutils mobdules -- second attempt

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Wed Oct 12 08:22:08 PDT 2011

On 10/11/11 17:09, Jesse Smith wrote:
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> On 10/11/11 14:29, Jesse Smith wrote: 
>> Ken,
>> Since the first set of tarballs I sent over had duplicate modules in
>> them, I've redone the Deskutils tarball. I think this one is properly
>> filtered against the existing list.
>> - Jesse
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> That looks like it took care of it, I didn't see any duplicates there.
> I also just finished adding the deskutils/ modules to the build server.
> So now we just wait for them to build.
> Thanks again Jesse!

That was fast. Would you like me to send over the next batch right away
or wait until the build server catches up?
- Jesse



Actually, could you hold off on any more new PBI modules for a couple
weeks? We are still trying to finish the categories at the end of the
alphabet, and since we have had some changes to the build server for 9.x
it is taking quite a bit longer to get there. If you give us 2-3 weeks
to finish up the modules we already have then we can start putting in
large batches of new modules again.

In addition to that, I had a couple suggestions for your module builder
1) See if you can include a check for whether a port is marked
forbidden/depreciated/(other) to prune out those ports as well. I found
a number of those in the deskutils/ category yesterday that needed to be
2) Instead of naming the modules "(portname)-9/" could you simply make
them "(portname)/" and place them in a directory called
"(port-directory)-9"? That should prevent me from needing to rename all
the modules when I move them to our existing categories on the build
server, while still specifying that they are 9.x modules in your
category name.
3) I have found a few modules that were missing the "Exec=" line in the
desktop/menu entries. I think I have figured out that these are the
ports with either multiple binaries, or binaries with names that are not
similar to the port name. You might want to take a look into this....
(games/kdegames4 is a good example for testing). Also, we usually name
the desktop/menu entries as "(binary-name).desktop" rather than
"(port-name).desktop" in order to accommodate multiple desktop/menu
entries per PBI.

I have also been looking into your previous question for Kris about
notifications for new ports and such, and so far all I have found is
that Freshports.org marks ports as new for 10 days, and they have an
option to look through all the new ports by day near the top of the main
page. It looks like it takes you to a commit log (URL:
http://www.freshports.org/commits.php) with special emphasis on updates
and new ports. Not sure if this is someplace to start, but I have not
found anything better yet...

~ Ken Moore ~

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