[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] More modules

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Tue Nov 15 08:41:24 PST 2011

On 11/15/11 11:24, Jesse Smith wrote:
> I don't like to see build serves get bored. With that in mind, please
> find attached three archives of PBI modules for the audio, multimedia
> and net-p2p port categories.
> - Jesse
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Thanks for the modules Jesse, I will get them onto the build server over
the next couple days. The servers did finish their complete run through
of our modules, and are now ready for new modules to be submitted again.
However, the build servers are turned off for the moment until RC2
finishes building, so don't be surprised that nothing new is showing up
on the build servers for a couple days.

~ Ken Moore ~

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