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Tigersharke . tigersharke at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 18:42:04 PST 2011

Yessirree, I suggested "guess GUI"..

I've tried the new v0.4 (within KDE on 64bit v9.0rc1) and it is impressive.

Various things:

   1. The scrollable region where the process output is displayed should
   resize if the entire window gets resized.
   2. Add some way to expose the port options given via "make config" for
   adjustment, and those chosen options perhaps automatically added to its PBI
   filename or something- thinking of how one port may have two distinctly
   built versions.
   3. How does it handle multiple icons? Examples are games which have a
   server and a client, or Quassel with its three options that create either a
   Monolithic, Client, Core, or any combination of them.
   4. Would a third tab containing aspects of a local repo (ie, configure
   and list contents) be a useful addition, or ought it be a part of something
   5. Its finally occurred to me at least one possible thing that could be
   assumed if using a standard ports tree- The category the PBI would belong
   to. I'm sure there are other things.. when they hit me in the head I'll let
   you know.

Thanks for all your (everyone involved) efforts
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