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Hakisho Nukama nukama at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 6 09:59:06 PST 2011

2011/11/5 Jesse Smith <jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca>:
> PBIers,
> I've submitted of PBIMaker to the ports tree. It includes various bug fixes and better support for PBI 9 modules. It also includes a default icon. Hopefully we'll see that pushed into the tree soon.
> On similar note, I've created a port for the EasyPBI graphical front-end of PBIMaker. The shell archive of this new port is attached. Please note this port hasn't been tested yet as I don't have the time/bandwidth to download/compile all the Qt framework. If you do, please give the attached port a try. If it works I'll submit it to the ports collection.
> Thanks,
> Jesse
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Hi Jesse Smith

I've encountered an error during building the easypbi port:
#===>  Building for easypbi-0.3
#cd: /usr/home/user/ports-devel/devel/easypbi/work/easypbi-0.3: No
such file or #directory
#*** Error code 2
#Stop in /usr/home/user/ports-devel/devel/easypbi.

Indeed it is extracted to work/EasyPBI, but looks for easypbi-0.3.


Just specify it inside Makefile with:

With WRKSRC it complains about not finding a Makefile.

I've changed some parts of the Makefile according to

Additionally I've changed the bin/easypbi to bin/EasyPBI inside
pkg-plist (or the make install target should be changed to easypbi, if
bin/easypbi is specified) plus
some cosmetic fixes to please portlint.
Is pbimaker a run dependency? Or only needed for the defaulticon?
EasyPBI is running without pbimaker installed.
The version still displays 1.0 even if I install pbimaker-1.1.

In 0.4 the pbi-manager is getting a run dependency, if you try to run
pbi_makeport. But if you're inside FreeBSD there is no pbi-manager
installed by default.
And no PCBSD tool ("pc-su") to run with root privileges is provided
inside FreeBSD, portsjail or warden jail.

Building pbi-modules inside jails isn't supported, but on bare FreeBSD
it could be (if dependencies are installed and discovering a way to
elevate pbi_makeport to required privileges, starting EasyPBI as root
doesn't work)
Maybe there should be some checking, and warning if you're inside a
jail, and a hint that EasyPBI for module-building on bare FreeBSD is
not supported.

I've attached the easypbi.shar with these changes (build-able and runnable).

Best Regards and thanks for all the code,
Hakisho Nukama
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