[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] EasyPBI

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Sat Nov 5 12:06:56 PDT 2011


The new EasyPBI snapshot looks good. I gave it a whirl and it appears to 
be working ok. One thing I noticed is when we try to build a PBI package 
there isn't any warning if the pbi_makeport command isn't on the system. 
As I understand it, this tool will exist on all PC-BSD 9 installs, but 
may not exist in FreeBSD 9 or PC-BSD 8. We should probably check for 
that and pop-up a warning.

I've uploaded a revision which adds a quick check to see if EasyPBI can 
guess whether the port we are working on is a GUI or console app. I 
believe Tigersharke suggested this as a requested feature. If the port 
is known to contain a .desktop file, bitmaps, png files or similar 
files, it's assumed to be a desktop app. Otherwise EasyPBI assumes it's 
a console program.

- Jesse

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