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Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Thu Nov 3 06:19:44 PDT 2011

On 11/02/11 20:46, Alexander Gallego wrote:
> Hello
> I created a tar.gz file with EasyPBI. The tool advise for me to post
> the tared file to this mailing list. 
> My intention is not to spam the list. Kindly let me know if I should
> not post the output of this program to this list.
> Please follow this linkhttp://ge.tt/8jo4TV9 - It will have the
> contents of EasyPBI output. 
> Also, let me know if you'd rather have me attach the file on future
> emails or links are fine. 
> Thank you. My aim is to have a PBI published perhaps through appcafe?
> If not, it would be ideal to have a reference to turn this output into
> a PBI. 
> Sincerely,
> senior7515
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Thank you for sending in this module! In the future, you can just attach
the *.tar.gz file to your email. Unfortunately, we already have modules
for both java/eclipse and java/eclipse-devel. The PBI's have not built
yet, which is why they are not available in the AppCafe yet. In order to
prevent this confusion in the future, you can check the modules that we
currently have at:

In the meantime, if you would like to try building the PBI yourself, you
can run the following command from the command line (as root):
"pbi_makeport -c (path-to-module) -d (path-to-ports-dir) -o

If you are using the system ports (/usr/ports) you can omit the "-d
(path-to-ports-dir)". The "(path-to-module)" should be something like
"/home/(your-username)/EasyPBI/(module-name)" and the
"path-to-output-directory)" should be something like

Again, thank you for sending the module!

~ Ken Moore ~

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