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Tigersharke . tigersharke at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 23:07:09 PDT 2011


I would make these suggestions:

   - At initial start or after reset, Dim/Grey-out and/or set 'inactive'
   the fields and buttons.
   - Remove the superfluous popup error messages due to clicking buttons at
   initial start or after reset.
   - Pre-fill the icon value with "defaulticon.png", but dimmed/inactive at
   initial start/reset. (GUI as default is pre-checked).
   - Values that cannot be changed once filled-in automatically, should not
   be editable (such as the port name) and the value instead be displayed in
   simple bold text.
   - In addition to highlighting the standard ports location, expand it one
   level further (showing accessibility, archivers, arabic.. etc).
   - Possiblity of a "guess at GUI", due to certain dependencies,
   libraries, or other attributes of the port chosen.
   - If the standard ports tree is used/chosen (easily known due to its
   proper path) other assumptions and checks (idiot-proofing) can be made.

I like the method of traversing the ports tree to locate the port. This may
be slightly tedious, but its a good way to relate to the ports tree, and
certainly a nice touch to be able to paste the path (such as one obtained
from a browse of freshports.org).

I am using KDE with 64bit v9.0rc1, EasyPBI v0.3..


   - If after initial start or reset, the GUI checkbox is clicked (to
   remove the tick) EasyPBI immediately crashes with a seg fault.
   - If a port is chosen, then the fields are all reset, the message does
   not revert to "To get started, please select "New Module" from the file

Thanks for your efforts!
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