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Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Tue Nov 1 09:32:48 PDT 2011

On 11-11-01 01:20 PM, Ken Moore wrote:
> On 10/31/11 18:43, Jesse Smith wrote:
>> I have made some improvements to EasyPBI. As per Ken's suggestion, 
>> EasyPBI will now try to locate the defaulticon.png file if it can't 
>> figure out any better icon for the port. EasyPBI searches for this 
>> default icon in the current working directory and, if it's not there, 
>> it will check PREFIX/share/pbimaker/
>> The underlying library has been updated so it no longer assumes ports 
>> are kept in /usr/ports. We should now be able to work with a port 
>> tree in any location. So if the user downloads the ports tree using 
>> EasyPBI, we can now work with ports under the user's home. This 
>> removes the last "root requirement".
>> The latest version is attached. If it works okay, I'll submit an 
>> updated PBIMaker and EasyPBI to FreeBSD's ports collection.
>> - Jesse
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> Jesse,
> I just ran EasyPBI to make games/alienblaster, then ran pbi_makport on 
> the module and it built/worked perfectly! I think it is about ready 
> for release.
> BTW, I am also working on a GUI for EasyPBI to actually run 
> pbi_makeport (with appropriate options) once I get it to semi-working 
> condition, I will send it to you. The only issue that I have seen is 
> that pbi_makeport *requires* root permissions to run. At least it 
> should be the only part of the program that does.... :-)
> -- 
> ~~ Ken Moore ~~
> PC-BSD/iXsystems


For the parts of the program which involve building the PBI package 
itself, may I recommend having a separate menu for that? Maybe put a 
"Build" menu between the File and About entries? Then we could have 
options like "Build PBI" "Install PBI" "Remove PBI".

While I'm thinking about it EasyPBI should probably have a house 
cleaning option to remove old modules, tarballs and the local ports 
tree. I'll put those on my to-do list.


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