[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] PBI module for LibreOffice - with some glitch

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Sat Mar 12 06:40:18 PST 2011

On 03/12/2011 06:02, Sam Lin wrote:
> This is a follow-up report regarding the LibreOffice on PCBSD. In this 
> report three versions of LO are involved:
> 1. My own LO 3.3.0_4, the very first LO pbi built with my draft module 
> (aka MyBuild),
> 2. LO 3.3.0_4 obtained from pbibuild.pcbsd.org 
> <http://pbibuild.pcbsd.org> which was built after I submitted my 
> module (noted as "ServerBuild" hereafter), and
> 3. LO 3.3.1 downloaded from pbidir this morning.
> Here is the report with some quick reviews regarding each of the builds:
> 1. MyBuild was built with my draft pbi module which is amended from 
> that for OpenOffice 3.2.1. The produced pbi sized 146.1MB. No 
> issue/error occurred during the 22 hours of build process on my 7 year 
> old laptop. The following configuration options in accordance with 
> http://www.freshports.org/editors/libreoffice/ were applied:
> WEBDAV=off (default) "Support webdav protocol"
> CUPS=on (default) "Support cups for printing"
> KDE4=on  "With Qt4/KDE4 vclplug support"
> GNOME=off (default) "Better integration in gnome environnement"
> JAVA=off (default) "Add Java support (XML Filters, macros)"
> Note that "KDE4=" is toggled from the default "off "to "on" here, 
> hoping to render a better integration with KDE4 in PCBSD 8.x. Also the 
> following option was added due to its dependency on Python according 
> to http://www.freshports.org/editors/libreoffice/:
> Although the produced PBI worked, it appeared not well integrated in 
> KDE4's style. The interface in fact looks much more like that of KDE3. 
> Several screenshots in comparison with OpenOffice 3.2.1 were given in 
> Feb 24th's pbi-dev mailing list. The integration issue was also 
> reported along with the screenshots.
> 2. Not knowing why MyBuild did not look integrated, Kris committed my 
> module and tried use the same make options the pbibuild server uses on OO:
> WITH_KDE4=yes
> and gave it a run through. The produced LO 3.3.0_4 PBI sized 336.0MB, 
> for unknown reason it's more than twice as large in the file size as 
> MyBuild (146.1MB)! The interface of ServerBuild does not look much 
> more integrated than MyBuild - for some aspects it appears slightly 
> integrated but overvall it obviously is still much worse than 
> OpenOffice (in attached screenshots from top-left, top-right and then 
> bottom are OO.o3.2.1, MyBuild (LO3304) and ServerBuild (LO3304), 
> respectively). The response (or rendering?) of ServerBuild is 
> chaotically sluggish - click on and hover the mouse cursor around tool 
> menu bar shall give you an idea what I mean by this (an example 
> screenshot also attached). Hovering on some icons (e.g. the bottom 
> left 3 icons in the start screen) and you shall see the icons blink 
> before they "settle down", which also suggests the ServerBuild's 
> sluggishness and OpenOffice 3.2.1's smoothness. The ServerBuild also 
> crashed when I attempted to open a .odt file. Concluding that I was 
> unable to use this build for my work, I left ServerBuild in my system 
> intact and have been preparing to report the issues of LO as well as 
> some issues of PCBSD 8.2 (to be reported later) for the last few days. 
> Meanwhile I just kept using OpenOffice for my work.
> 3. This morning Update Manager informed me that LO 3.3.1 was 
> available, so I uninstalled the previous ServerBuild (LO 3.3.0_4) and 
> then installed LO 3.3.1. This LO331 was manually downloaded from 
> pbidir.com <http://pbidir.com> because download thru Update Manager 
> failed, presumably this is because LO331 has not been mirrored to all 
> mirror sites in the world yet. The file size is 336.7MB, slightly 
> bigger than ServerBuild. The module and their configurations appear 
> identical to those of ServerBuild, according to 
> http://trac.pcbsd.org/browser/pbibuild/modules/editors/libreoffice?rev=9595&order=name 
> <http://trac.pcbsd.org/browser/pbibuild/modules/editors/libreoffice?rev=9595&order=name>.
> Like ServerBuild (LO3304), the interface in this LO331 still appeared 
> not integrated with KDE4. The response is also as sluggish as 
> ServerBuild (LO3304). While opening a .odt does not crash in this 
> build, I immediately recognised some issues e.g. extremely slow in 
> scrolling across pages. Note that the crash and sluggishness does not 
> occur in MyBuild (LO3304).
> Some afterthoughts:
> 1. At this stage I wouldn't say LibreOffice PBI is ready to go public, 
> and I suggest LO removed from pbidir.com <http://pbidir.com> until at 
> least the sluggishness is solved.
> 2. It's probably worth try my first configuration options rather than 
> those for OO to build LO. From what I have tried among MyBuild (LO3304 
> using my conf options), ServerBuild (LO3304 using OO's conf options) 
> and LO331 (using OO's conf options) I think the conf option is the 
> first step to solve the sluggishness.
> 3. As for the integration issue, it seems this is not PCBSD/PBI side's 
> problem. Other distributions seem to have some sort of problem with 
> KDE4 integration:
> http://en.opensuse.org/LibreOffice#Troubleshooting
> https://features.opensuse.org/311353
> Perhaps we should leave "KDE4=off" as is default at this stage.
> Regards,
> Sam
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>     Looks like it failed because the build server ran out of disk space,
>     leme see if I can fix that here :)
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I have just finished comparing LibreOffice 3.3.1 and OpenOffice 3.2.1 
(both downloaded with the software manager). I am unable to reproduce 
this slowness that you described in LibreOffice. I also verified that 
both LibreOffice and OpenOffice have nearly identical visual effects and 
integration within KDE. Whether this is a KDE3 or KDE4 integration I 
cannot speak to, but it appears to match my desktop theme fairly well 
without appearing "old".

As such, I do not see a reason to remove LibreOffice from pbidir at this 
time. If you find an error that I
can reproduce, I will consider removing the PBI.

~Ken Moore

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